The Stark County Fellowship of Christian Magicians

Welcome to the website of the SCFCM. We are a group of entertainers that enjoy using our talents as magicians, balloon artists, story tellers and such to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. The International FCM goes back many years. The SCFCM was founded as a chapter of the International FCM in 2011. To abide by chapter rules, all members of the SCFCM must also be members of the International FCM.

We meet together on the second Monday of each month at the North Canton Church of Christ. During COVID-19 restrictions, we held our meetings via Zoom. Members automatically got an invitation to the meeting emailed to them. We continue to use Zoom during our meetings. If you would like to attend a Zoom meeting, please fill out and submit the information on the Contact Us page and request the Zoom meeting in your message. Your information only goes to the President of the club and not all fields are required.

A regular club meeting begins with devotionals followed by the club meeting and then MAGIC! A different member of the club has our devotionals each month. Officers are asked to have at least one month that they have devotionals. During the club meeting, we discuss any reporting that needs to be made by the officers, old business that we have discussed previously and tabled and new business that needs brought up before the club. After the meeting, we perform magic. The magic does NOT have to be a Gospel/Bible trick. Many times we perform something we just got at the magic shop or made ourselves. During this time, if we need help with a trick or are looking for a Gospel patter (the story line that goes along with the magic trick), we work with each other as a group to help get it just right. The great thing about this group of people is that we are all willing to help each other (and you) get better at performing and spreading the Gospel.

If you have any questions or comments, please complete and submit the Contact Us form. We would love to hear from you.

  • John Mayer – President
  • Tim Angeloni – Vice President
  • Dan Walker – Secretary
  • Paul Snieder – Treasurer
  • Tom Duplain – Chaplain